Jan 4, 2024
Online Forklift Certification

Online forklift certification

Online Forklift Academy certification is a relatively new way to become certified for operating various types of forklifts. This type of training allows employees to take the course on their own, which reduces overhead costs related to hiring third-party instructors and shutting down operations to allow for classroom sessions. It also allows for faster and more effective training since workers can watch the video on their own time and at their convenience, while still ensuring they have the proper training to safely operate the equipment.

The forklift training process consists of a series of videos, a written exam and hands-on forklift evaluation. The written test varies by provider, but all require a minimum score to pass. For those who are unable to pass the written exam, additional training is typically provided by the forklift trainer. The practical evaluation is typically organized by the employer, and consists of operating a forklift in real-world workplace conditions following OSHA guidelines.

Convenience Meets Compliance: The Advantages of Online Forklift Training

Many online forklift training providers offer videos that are high quality and easy to view on most devices. This helps keep learners engaged and prevents them from getting distracted by poor audio, low-quality photos, and video. Forklift safety training should be easy to follow, visually appealing and provide a consistent message. It’s difficult to maintain learner attention in a safe environment, so training providers should be sure the video is of high quality and can be easily watched on any device. Online forklift training providers should also be able to provide support for any questions or problems that may arise during the training session.

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