Feb 26, 2024
Indian Cigarettes Near Me

A three-month investigation by ICIJ reveals the role of major indian cigarettes near me and their direct distributors in supplying the bulk of cigarettes sold untaxed on Indian reservations. The investigation, based on company sales data, tax filings by cigarette wholesalers and interviews with wholesalers, law enforcement officials and smugglers, showed that Lorillard, Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds primarily funneled their brand-name cigarettes through these wholesalers, who then sold them to smoke shops on Indian reservations for resale. Last spring, for example, a longtime Philip Morris direct distributor was caught smuggling millions of Marlboros into New York state and selling them to fictitious smoke shops on the Poospatuck Reservation in Long Island, where listed addresses were light posts, trees or dumpsters.

Locate Indian Cigarettes Near Me: Discover Indigenous Tobacco Options

The smuggling problem is not limited to the Northeast. Across the nation, the sale of discounted name-brand cigarettes on Indian reservations has become an enormously lucrative enterprise. Some states are trying to curb the practice by entering into agreements with tribes or imposing cigarette taxes. Others are fighting smuggling through court action and legislation.

In a recent study, researchers found that American Spirit’s use of Native imagery and text on its cigarette packaging caused 65% of smokers to believe the cigarettes had tribal affiliations. The researchers also found that the cigarette’s depiction of Native warriors, peace pipes and thunderbirds evoked positive feelings for the smokers. The authors of the study recommend that legislation be enacted to regulate and inspect the easily accessible herbal cigarettes in order to control their constituents.

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