Jun 20, 2024
Tesla Drops MSR For Model 3 From $42

tesla msrp from 42

If you’re a gearhead and have been considering picking up an electric vehicle, now may be the time. Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) appears to have lowered the prices on two of its Model 3 sedans and both of its Model Y SUVs, with some discounts amounting to more than $5,000.

The refreshed tesla MSRP from $42,990 Drive now has an msrp from $42, a price reduction that’s more than enough to help it compete with traditional family cars. The more expensive models — including the Performance trim that’s capable of accelerating to 60 in 4.2 seconds — are also seeing lower prices.

This move isn’t just a cost-cutting exercise for Tesla. The company is trying to work through a backlog of orders for the vehicle, and it needs to clear out some inventory before it can begin production on the 2024 single-motor Model 3 and its dual-motor and tri-motor variants.

Tesla MSRP from $42,990: Affordable Electric Luxury

Those new Teslas aren’t cheap – even the least expensive Model Y starts at $40,000 after ordering fees and destination charges — but they offer a lot of value for those willing to shell out the cash. They’re emissions-free, have great safety ratings, have long driving ranges, and can be paired with a home solar system for energy storage that lowers operating costs.

And while they might not look as pretty as a BMW, they do provide a glimpse of what the future will be like when we switch from gasoline to electric power for our vehicles. And that’s something that’s hard for most people to pass up if you ask me.

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