Aug 3, 2023
Cannabis and Weed Delivery Service

New York’s first legal marijuana shop has launched delivery services. Customers can place orders for flowers, edibles, tinctures, concentrates and pre-rolls from the Moss Crossing website or the Urban Aroma app. They can choose their neighborhood and the time of day they’d like to receive their order. The app will tell them if their address qualifies and which couriers are available. Those couriers will show up at the door and ask for a government-issued photo ID from the person placing the order.

What is a cannabis ambassador?

Dispensaries that offer delivery can use their own in-house software to manage the process. Others work with third-party fulfillment services that specialize in compliance and execution. These companies can be more cost effective for larger operations with significant sales volumes. However, it is important for dispensaries considering implementing a delivery service to carefully research state and town laws before committing resources to the endeavor.

It’s also crucial that dispensaries have clear standard operating procedures in place for their delivery workflows to ensure consistency and compliance. For example, some states have restrictions on what’s known as the pizza delivery model where your driver only has one customer order in their vehicle at a time and needs to return to the dispensary for the next pick up. While robberies of weed delivery drivers have happened, most are after-hours and typically targeted the driver rather than the product. Go here

AeroPay’s industry leading delivery management platform Onfleet is trusted by many leading cannabis brands including Amuse, dutchie, Jane and Meadow to help them plan routes, optimize fleets and deliver the best possible customer experience. With a simple route management interface, AI-powered auto-dispatch and predictive ETAs, Onfleet makes it easy to get your cannabis products in the hands of those who want them the most.

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