Mar 26, 2024
Africa Hunting – The Land of the Gods


Africa offers hunters a spectacular selection of trophy animals. Whether you’re pursuing elephants in the vast wilderness of Zimbabwe or a leopard on a mountainous estate in african hunting guides, it’s important to plan your hunt carefully and select a professional guide that can ensure you have the best odds of success.

African Safari Adventures: Guided Hunts in Namibia

The continent’s diversity of climates and terrains also makes africa hunting an ideal location for all types of hunters, from the seasoned safari veteran to the first-timer. There are a variety of different species to hunt, ranging from small antelopes and medium plains game such as impala, springbok, bushbuck, kudu, and nyala to the imposing Cape buffalo, as well as more elusive trophies such as the sable or waterbuck. Most of the hunting in africa is done on foot and involves stalking and spot-and-stalk tactics.

Unlike poaching and habitat destruction, which are the biggest threats to African mega-fauna, regulated hunting is an effective conservation tool. To virtue-signal that regulated hunting is a great evil of our age ignores the ecological pressures on Africa’s fast-growing population and disempowers Africans who are seeking to forge their own destiny.

For those that have a passion for Africa and the desire to hunt its unique wildlife, there is an inexorable pull. Once you have visited the land of the gods, you will keep going back until age, ill health, or nature’s cruel blending of the two make it impossible. Then you will just go back in your dreams.

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