Jun 14, 2023
Mens Gym Outfits For Workouts

mens gym outfit

Whether you’re into spin class, daily runs and reps in the mens gym outfit room or picking up the basketball for a game at the local racquet club, you need mens gym outfits that work as hard as you do. From long and short sleeve tees to mesh shorts, stretch woven pants and jackets, our selection of adidas training gear outfits you from head to toe for any type of indoor or outdoor workout.

Avoid cotton: cotton tanks aren’t just baggy after a few washes, they’re also too light to keep you cool during high-intensity workouts and take ages to dry out once washed. You should aim for performance tees made from breathable fabrics like polyester and nylon. These wick sweat away from your skin and are a good choice for men who tend to get a lot of sweaty during exercise.

“Fit and Fresh: Stylish Men’s Gym Outfit Ideas for a Successful Workout

Choose fit and fabric carefully: Avoid baggy or loose-fitting workout clothes if you’re of a smaller build. Clothing that is too big can cause you to look bigger than you actually are and restrict your movement. Instead, opt for fitted or semi-fitted tees and shorts that don’t feel too tight but give you enough room to move.

Avoid shorts: While it’s tempting to hit the gym in a pair of short, baggy 3-quarter length cargo-style shorts, wearing them will give you an unflattering silhouette and is unlikely to help you smash those new year resolutions. Stick to dark block colours like black and navy and prioritise slim fits when choosing shorts, jogging trousers and singlets.

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