May 2, 2024
Magic Mushrooms Dispensary Canada

The popularity of magic mushrooms dispensary in Canada is growing — and a lot like cannabis before legalisation, it’s popping up in back alleys and storefronts across the country. But while Health Canada has allowed some people to buy psilocybin (the chemicals found in magic mushrooms) by applying for a personal exemption or through special permission from their doctor, it’s still illegal to grow, sell or carry the drug.

But that hasn’t stopped stores such as Larsen’s Psychedelic Marketplace from flourishing. He sells everything from a caramel-capped Gold Emperor strain to the phallic-shaped Penis Envy, to a psychedelic Rice Krispie bar. His customers range from seasoned psychonauts to curious newbies, who can also buy the dried shrooms in powder form for a more discreet delivery.

One of the reasons for the mushroom boom is a shift in perception about these drugs’ supposed therapeutic benefits. A growing number of people believe psilocybin has the potential to help with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Health Canada has approved two dozen clinical trials of psilocybin and has given some people personal exemptions to buy it.

Psychedelic Renaissance: How Magic Mushroom Dispensaries Are Reshaping Mental Health Care

Despite the growing interest in these mushrooms, many employers remain uncertain about how to deal with their use and possession in the workplace. This article outlines some key points for employers to consider. The cultivation, production, possession and sale of psilocybin are prohibited in the workplace. It’s important for businesses to establish clear policies and procedures to address these issues, even as the laws are changing.

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