Aug 27, 2023
How to Book a Day Use Hotel Room

If you’re a regular traveler, there may have been a time where you found yourself stuck in an airport with hours to kill and wished you could just check into a day use hotel for a quick nap or some work. Well, thanks to innovative services like HotelsByDay and others, you can now do just that. These companies let travelers book rooms by the hour to relax, focus, work, or enjoy a spontaneous Netflix and chill session, all for much cheaper than overnight bookings.

The concept isn’t new, but it’s certainly become more popular. It’s a great option for people who have a long layover and need some privacy away from the chaos of the airport, or for people on a business trip with meetings scheduled throughout the day who need a quiet space to work between them. The service is also a great way for hotels to upsell other amenities, like spa access or meeting spaces.

Day Use Hotels: Your Ticket to Convenient and Affordable Daytime Relaxation

Sophie comes to the city for her job every week, but her meetings take place at different times in the morning and afternoon. She doesn’t want to be crowded into a cafe, or sit in her car for hours waiting to get out of the office, so she booked a room at one of the city’s many day hotels. She was able to find a cheap room with parking and pool access and enjoyed a nice break from the office. It’s important to note that some hotels have stricter cancellation policies for day bookings, so it’s wise to read the fine print carefully.

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