Dec 1, 2023
Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland

For over 36 years, Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland services have provided professional and effective pest elimination solutions to residential and commercial properties across New Zealand. We understand that pest infestations can cause damage to your property and affect your lifestyle, so we use a range of methods to remove any unwanted critters in a safe and effective way.

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If you suspect that you have a pest problem, the first thing to do is to contact a licensed pest control professional. We will visit your property and develop a comprehensive strategy to eliminate any pests from your Auckland home. Depending on the type of pest, we will use traps, baits or spray treatments to kill them and their eggs. This will eliminate the pests in your home and stop them from returning.

Some of the most common pests include rats, cockroaches and fleas. Fleas are often found in homes with pets, but they can also be carried in by hairy animals like rabbits and foxes. Cockroaches are known carriers of Salmonella, Dysentery and gastroenteritis and have been linked to asthma and eczema. Our cockroach treatment uses a combination of baits and a contact kill spray to eradicate the cockroaches in your home and prevent them from coming back.

Rodents and birds can also be problematic in Auckland. Rats are very persistent and can gnaw through metal to get into your property. Their droppings can spread diseases and contaminate your food supplies. Birds such as pigeons and seagulls can be a nuisance in high rise buildings and in roof voids, and they need specialist bird removal solutions to avoid causing damage and disease risk.

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