May 8, 2024
Quiet Monk CBD Cream For Pain

Quiet monk cbd cream anti-itch, pain, and inflammation remedy that soothes the skin and helps relieve symptoms of eczema. Formulated with Manuka honey, it also contains high-quality raw hemp extract, a primary phytocannabinoids that naturally integrates with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help ease dry and irritated skin.

Quiet Monk cbd cream for pain is an effective topical analgesic to ease the discomfort of sore muscles, joints and arthritic pain. The calming lavender scent and invigorating mint notes deliver a soothing sensory experience, while the 5000mg broad spectrum cbd oil provides fast-acting relief from sore muscles and joints.

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Hemp extract and nourishing shea butter combine to deeply penetrate the top layer of the skin. They also provide a smooth glide when applied to the affected area. Arnica, a flower known for its natural ability to ease sore muscles, is added to the formula for an additional therapeutic effect.

The 5000mg pain relief cbd cream is perfect for anyone who suffers from chronic back, joint or muscle pain. It’s also great for athletes and those who work out. The cooling sensation is almost immediate. The cream is thicker than most and is intended for those with severe pain or aches. For those with mild pain try our 2000mg pain relief cbd cream instead.

As with any wellness product, it may take a few attempts to find the right dosage and consistency to see results. We recommend starting small and increasing the dosage until you find the optimal level of effectiveness for your personal needs.

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