Jun 2, 2023
Nangsta Nang Tanks

Nangsta nang tanks  are smaller handheld canisters of compressed fuel that are utilised to inflate balloons and have been widely utilised at functions and nightclubs. They are often a favourite amongst those who prefer the high vapor ability and distinct vapor delivery that nitrous oxide delivers. This sort of utilisation of the gas is generally considered to be less hazardous than more harmful types, including butane.

Each SWAG TANK is filled with 640g of certified pure culinary-grade gas that guarantees no sleek buildup or mechanical delayed flavor impression. The gas is also triple-cleaned for optimal usage.

The Nang Experience: Tales and Testimonials from Nangs Enthusiasts in Melbourne

Nang Tank Delivery Melbourne is the leading provider of nang tanks in Melbourne. With friendly unmatched service, rock bottom prices and fast nangs delivery, they have been the go to choice for restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and kitchens across Australia.

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