Nov 18, 2023
Medigate Device Risk Scoring

device risk scoring

When analyzing device risk, you need to be careful not to go overboard. You don’t want to fixate on residual risks that are completely out of your control (such as a new global pandemic) or have little impact on the overall benefit-risk assessment of your device. Instead, your team needs to focus on identifying and assessing those risk factors that you can foresee as resulting in hazardous situations.

One method for performing this analysis is through device risk scoring. With this approach, you can determine a specific risk tolerance level for individual devices that are consistent with your organization’s security policy. This approach helps you maintain a posture that balances your security against the continued ability to deliver high value connected care.

Risk Unveiled: The Ins and Outs of Device Risk Scoring in Cybersecurity

The device risk score depends on a variety of behaviors that the Medigate medical and IoMT platform recognizes. Positive behaviors that the system identifies make a device more trustworthy and reduce the risk score. Negative behaviors such as an unusual number or type of security alerts increase the risk score and may be indicative of a compromised device or user.

You can use the Device Risk Score and User Risk Score modules to create custom Workspace ONE UEM dashboards to monitor and mitigate device risk. You can also automate actions with Workspace ONE UEM workflows on these dashboards. These can be created on the Workspace ONE UEM > User Risk or Security Risk dashboards.

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