Apr 26, 2024
Mathews Compound Bow Review – V3X


If you’re in the market for a new Mathews Compound bow is certainly worth considering. The company builds a huge range of models, from target rigs to hunting machines, and they all have a certain quality that has given them an almost cultish following among bowhunters.

The company’s latest offering, the 2024 V3X, is one of their flagship offerings and is a solid choice for backcountry hunts where the demands can be hard on equipment. With its limbs and riser design, the V3X has an extremely smooth draw cycle, excellent centershot, and is quiet after the shot.

Unveiling the Excellence of Mathews Compound Bows

What sets the V3X apart from previous Mathews bows is a revamped accessory system that eliminates some of the tips that protrude from the riser and can cause the bow to tip forward. The new system consists of two integrated posts on each cam that work with a flo-orange servicing cable to allow you to service the bow in the field without needing a bow press.

The V3X also retains the Crosscentric cam system, which is incredibly smooth and adjustable with the tophat shim system. It offers the ability to change peak draw weight, draw length and let-off by swapping out cam modules that only take seconds. The V3X is available in draw weights of 50, 60 and 70lbs with a 75 or 85% let-off. It is available in seven finishes including Black, Lost Camo XD, Ridge Reaper Barren and Sitka Elevated II.

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