May 4, 2024
Live Sports Updates on the iPhone


Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or simply looking to keep track of your favourite team, live updates have never been easier. With push notifications and the TV app, as well as third-party apps and lock screen settings, iPhone users have a variety of options for keeping up with live scores.

One of the most popular แทงบาคาร่ากับเรา methods for following live sports is through Apple’s dedicated app — dubbed Apple Sports — which offers real-time scores, news and stats, and even allows you to watch live games without unlocking your device. Apple has also introduced live sports notifications through the lock screen, allowing you to get real-time updates in a persistent notification bubble.

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Other apps offer similar features, letting you follow live game times, and in some cases let you choose which teams and events you want to receive notifications for. Additionally, many of the top sports app now offer a feature that lets you set push notifications for upcoming events and live scores, allowing you to keep tabs on your favourite team from the comfort of your own home.

Finally, as of iOS 16, Apple has begun offering live sports notifications on the lock screen, allowing you to see real-time sports score and news in a persistent notification bubble, without having to unlock your device or open an app. This feature is available from some third-party apps, such as the MLB app, and is expected to start appearing in more places as developers take advantage of it.

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