Sep 11, 2023
Kratom Tea – The Best Way to Consume the Herbal Supplement

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Kratom has been in the news a lot lately. Several families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against vendors selling the herbal supplement in gas stations and vape shops. And experts are divided about whether kratom is safe or not. Among the many ways to consume kratom, tea is one of the most popular and traditional. Source

If you are new to kratom, it’s a good idea to start with a small dose and work your way up. A typical serving size is a gram of powder or crushed leaves, but you can also make tea with liquid extracts or capsules. A cup of kratom tea usually starts to produce effects within 10-15 minutes and can last for up to eight hours.

Kratom Tea Safety: Tips and Guidelines for a Worry-Free Brew

You can brew the tea by itself or with other herbs to improve its flavor and smoothness. It is easy to add kratom to black, green, or white tea. It can also be added to other beverages, such as fruit juices or soda. If you want to mask its bitter taste, a sweetener will help. The acidic ingredients in kratom can degrade over time if it is left in hot water for too long, so stir thoroughly when preparing the tea.

If you choose to buy kratom, look for products that have been lab tested. Reputable sellers send their kratom out to outside, unbiased labs to test for labeling accuracy, heavy metals, and pathogens like mold and bacteria. You can ask a seller for the results of the tests.

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