Mar 26, 2024
How to Check Email Validation Online

Check email validation online is a vital step in any successful email marketing campaign. It ensures that the email addresses you’re sending to are valid and deliverable, and it helps avoid spam complaints and inbox delivery failures. It also reduces the risk of your emails getting labelled as spam by inbox providers and can save you time and money by preventing you from spending resources sending to non-existent email addresses.

There are many third-party email validation tools available online, and each one works in slightly different ways. However, most of them perform the same types of checks to verify an email address. These typically include syntax checks, domain verification, and mailbox ping tests.

Streamlining Your Inbox: Check Email Validation Online

Syntax checks look at the structure of an email address and ensure that it follows the standard format. They also ensure that the email is associated with a domain and that the domain is active. Domains can be fake, or they can belong to real people with inactive or suspended accounts. In this check, the email validation tool pings the domain name to see if it responds, and if so, whether the mailbox exists and can receive messages.

Finally, a good email validator will check to make sure that the email address is not a role-based address such as sales@, info@, or support@. These are usually shared email addresses used by multiple recipients, and marketers risk their reputations if they send campaigns to these kinds of addresses. In addition, roles-based addresses can often cause hard bounces, which will lower your deliverability and send you into a downward spiral.

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