Jan 21, 2024
Getting Started With the Mailboxlayer API

Mailboxlayer is an email mailboxlayer that offers RESTful endpoints with different features and advanced tools including syntax and typo checks, SMTP check, catch-all detection and free provider filtering. It’s an effective tool that can help you improve the response and success rate of your email campaigns.

In addition to providing an email validation tool, mailboxlayer also offers other valuable information such as the email domain and name including whether the address is free or paid. This allows you to ensure that users enter valid email addresses when they sign up for your services, which can save thousands of dollars in wasted bandwidth and database space.

Mastering Email Domain Verification: A Comprehensive Guide for Secure Communication

Getting started with mailboxlayer is incredibly easy. Once you register a free account, you’ll be assigned an API access key that you can use to start making requests. You can also manage your subscription and see how much API call usage you have left for the month via the control panel’s dashboard.

Both mailboxlayer and ZeroBounce offer a range of plans that suit varying requirements. Mailboxlayer has a slightly more user-friendly interface overall, but both tools are simple to set up and easy to integrate into your application.

apilayer is not liable for any interruptions, delays or the unavailability of the mailboxlayer API and/or the mailboxlayer API Data & Services or for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions therein, regardless of cause, even if it knew or should have known about such risks. apilayer’s liability, if any, shall be limited to the amount of money you have paid for the subscription plan that gives you access to the mailboxlayer API.

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