Dec 26, 2023
Extra Large Canvas – How to Create Stunning Wall Art

A large canvas is an excellent way to display your most cherished memories in your home. With a wide variety of sizes, finishes and framing options available, you can create an incredibly personalized canvas that will bring your living space to life.

Can I make canvas prints at home?

The optimum size for wall art depends on the size of the room, the type of art you want to create and your aesthetic preferences. For example, if you’re creating an exact replica of the Mona Lisa, a medium-sized canvas will be ideal as it will allow you to capture the intricate details of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece without being too pixelated or overcrowded.

If you’re creating wall art to hang above furniture, the optimum canvas size will be between 2/3 and 3/4 of the width of the couch or other piece of furniture. By measuring your furniture’s dimensions, you can easily determine the correct canvas size.

In addition to choosing the right size for your canvas print, you’ll also need to decide whether you’d like a framed or unframed canvas. A framed extra large canvas adds a touch of elegance to an office or bedroom, while an unframed canvas is a great option for a kitchen or living room.

To ensure that your large canvas is securely mounted, be sure to use the proper mounting techniques. For example, when hanging a canvas, it’s best to avoid using nails, as they can damage the walls or other surfaces. Instead, consider using adhesive hooks like Command hooks. To attach the hooks, use a ruler or tape measure to mark even points on your wall where you’d like to place them. Then, peel off the paper backing to expose the sticky adhesive, and press and hold the hooks against your wall for 10 seconds.

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