Sep 3, 2023
Encore Toronto

Encore toronto is a full service catering company that provides off premise catering to all types of events. They have a large industrial kitchen and can accommodate anywhere from 1000 guests for a wedding to 1500 for a corporate dinner. The team at Encore will work with you to create a menu that fits your budget and style. They can also help you with location scouting, design, decor and rentals by suggesting reputable companies that they know and trust. They are the preferred caterer at many of the GTA’s finest venues including Rosehill Event Venue, Bloke and Leons Roundhouse.

What time of year is best for exterior painting?

Encores used to be spontaneous, not something that the bands planned ahead of time. But now it’s a part of the concert experience and bands are expected to return on stage for one. The word encore comes from the French and literally means “again” or “more”. Many bands save their biggest hits or fan favorites to play during an encore. In fact, some bands will perform an encore multiple times throughout the show.

Why Some Bands Don’t Do Encores

The main reason why some bands don’t do encores is because they are supporting a headlining band. The headliner should be the focus of the audience and it would make sense for the supporting band to not want to take up too much of the spotlight. Additionally, there may not be enough time left in the set to do an encore.


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