Mar 23, 2024
Empowering Women in Tech

Working in the male-dominated field of technology is no easy feat for women. They may face challenges like imposter syndrome, the feeling that they’re not as good as their male colleagues, or feel they need to work harder to get noticed or be promoted. Thankfully, there are many organizations and resources that can help empower women in tech to thrive. Find out

Girls in Tech, for instance, hosts virtual events and workshops to connect members and build a community of female trailblazers in tech. The organization works to democratize technology and provide opportunities for all women in the tech industry. Its membership platform also offers tools and information for career growth, professional development, and networking. Its content includes articles on tech trends, learning to code, and other relevant topics.

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Another valuable resource for female tech workers is Ada’s List, a community that supports and connects women in and around the technology industry. The organization’s mission is to support and empower its members by providing a safe space for discussion of the challenges facing the field. Its members have access to a job board, articles, videos, news, and more.

Finally, a great podcast for anyone interested in elevating female voices in technology is Modern Figures. This conversational-styled podcast is hosted by Dr. Kyla McMullen and Jeremy Waisome, and its episodes cover everything from augmented reality and robotics to gender diversity in the field of computing. The conversations are designed to be relatable and understandable for people within the field as well as those outside of it.

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