Oct 12, 2023
Choosing the Right Playground Resurfacing Near Me

playground resurfacing near me

While you have probably spent significant time selecting the equipment that best suits your community’s playground needs, it’s important not to overlook the type of surface material you choose. The right surfacing will have a direct impact on the safety and enjoyment of your playground patrons, especially young children.Find out:https://playgroundresurfacing.uk/

While many different materials can be used, wood-based products like Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) and mulch are the most common. They are easy to install and have a natural appearance that appeals to park and facility owners. However, these types of surfaces have several disadvantages including poor shock absorption, moisture, and the presence of invasive insects.

Safety First: How Playground Resurfacing Reduces Injury Risks

Another popular surfacing option is engineered wood chip (EWC). This product has similar properties to EWF, but it provides a more uniform and stable surface for playground equipment. It is less expensive than other surfacing options, but still requires periodic maintenance to maintain its performance.

Poured in place rubber (PIP) is a popular choice because it is ADA-compliant and supports wheelchairs and other mobility aids. It is highly durable and can withstand most climate conditions, but does require regular inspections to ensure that it doesn’t become hard over time.

Before making a decision on a particular surface, it’s a good idea to ask the manufacturer for a list of customers in the area who have installed the product and visit those installations. This will give the design team and construction crews an opportunity to ask questions about critical details of installation, maintenance and longevity.

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