Oct 17, 2023
Buying a Desk Treadmill uk

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to all sorts of health issues including high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. A desk treadmill uk is a great way to add some movement into your workday and help combat this.

Is a desk treadmill worth it?

Often designed without handles to prevent them from interfering with your work, they are smaller than traditional treadmills and can fit neatly under a desktop or in a storage space when not in use. Most of these machines are controlled via remote controls or apps on your smartphone but they can also be operated by hand and will turn off automatically when you step off them. Many also have quiet belts so you don’t disturb your colleagues and are not noisy enough to be heard in meetings.

The top pick in this category is the GoPlus which is a good value treadmill designed to sit under most sized desks. It has a clear LCD screen and is easy to set up. This is a simple treadmill with a maximum speed of 2mph so it won’t be suitable for a cardio workout but is ideal if you want to get more walking in during the day or just want to improve your general wellbeing.

Most under-desk treadmills are only suitable for slow paced walking and will have speeds up to 4mph which is still not fast enough to power walk or jog. It’s important to check the dimensions of a particular model before purchasing and double-check that it will fit underneath your desk and in your office. It’s also worth looking at what features are included. For example, some models come with a device holder and are compatible with the LifeSpan app for tracking your metrics.

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